Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top 5 NBA Power Forwards

Tim Duncan earns the top spot here out of senority and his overall track record of leading his team to championships. While KG may get another ring or two and is a more dynamic player, right now you have to put him firmly in the two spot. Outside of Dwight Howard, Bosh shows more potential than any other NBA big man. His ability to create his own shot and score seemingly at will, is the trait that puts him ahead of Dirk and Boozer. He might just be the best pure scorer on this list. While Dirk can put up points in bunches, he is not a dominant big man by any means and is predominantly a jump shooter. He hasn't been able to lead a solid Mavricks team to a championship and looks funny when he's drunk. Boozer is just a solid big man who does all the things a dominant post player should. He can score, rebound and plays the pick and roll with Deron Williams to perfection. But he did go to Duke so he sits at the bottom of the list.

1.Tim Duncan
2.Kevin Garnett
3.Chris Bosh
4.Dirk Nowitzki
5.Carlos Boozer

Josh Smith is just an amazing talent and cannot be overlooked. While he may never be a franchise player, we think he can be a Scottie Pippen-like talent and help another great player win a championship. Aldridge is still young and has a skill set similar to Bosh, but still needs time to mature into the player he will one day be. He needs to grow into an NBA body and get in the weight room to move up on this list. Horford earns the three spot over Beasley as he is a more proven player in the league at this point. We both think Beasley has great potential and can be a great scorer in the league, but for now, he stays at the bottom of our list.

Up and Comers
1. Josh Smith
2. Lemarcus Aldridge
3. Al Horford
4. Michael Beasley

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