Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Need some time away? Take a guy day

Alright so you’re stuck in a rut, doing the same old thing every single day and getting bored with the routine huh? Lucky for you I have found a solution to this common dilemma and it doesn’t even involve exercise a second job or for that matter anything productive. Yes I know now you’re interested.

My idea? Take a guy day, it’s that easy. So what is a guy day you ask? In the words of the late Bernie Mac “Let me break it down like a fraction for you.” A guy day, much like “girl’s night out” or “spa day” as far as the concept of taking some much needed free time and focusing on close friends instead of anything else. However instead of sitting around reading gossip mags, getting pedicures and talking about Lifetime movies about stealing babies, you will be doing the Male equivalent. I’ve constructed a list of the 5 guy day must haves in no particular order just for you. Just pick 4 or 5 of your best pals and follow my instructions. You’re welcome.

1. Beer
While we are quoting people, I believe it was country singer Dierks Bentley who sang “Give me anything domestic light and cold” and that just happens to be the perfect guy day mantra. My advice is to pick one of the big 3 (Bud light, Miller Light or Coors Light).Each participant will need to drink a minimum of 5 beers, or else be ridiculed mercilessly by his buddies. If this “light weight” is your buddy, feel free to let him have it, anything is fair game even Mrs. “Light Weight” Aka your mom. Oh and no designated drivers no matter what. I mean I agree with the concept, but having your uptight buddy who’s had a half a light beer, not be a part of the fun and getting annoyed at the drunkenness can be a real downer. Call a cab, friend or ride the bus, you’ll thank me later.

2. Delicious delectable food
Lots of options here, too many to name, but here are a few guidelines for you. Pizza, Anything deep fried and something that comes in very large portions. You are going to be drinking and eating non-stopped for a long time so be prepared. Mid-guy day runs to the store are lame and throw off the vibe, plan in advance. Other food necessities include 3 to 4 bags of chips with dip, ranch, cheese dip bean dip really any dip that’s high in fat. Remember it’s guy day I don’t care if you’re counting carbs, man up. By the way here’s an excellent appetizer recommendation for you. I recently ate mini smoked hot weenies, sprinkled with brown sugar, wrapped in bacon and baked in the oven. While it is baked and not fried, that’s likely because if you made them fried, the fat content might actually kill you, of course who knows, try it out and let me know.

3. Watching Sports
Preferably a local team that you can root for collectively to add the comrodery element to the group. It gets annoying when you have 3 guys rooting for they’re fantasy players on different teams wanting to watch different games. If there are no local games try college sports, a sure winner every time. If there is absolutely nothing on then this is your only free pass to do something active and go throw the football around. Maybe a game of flag football if your up to it or flyers up if you are lagging a bit from the delicious food. Worst case-scenario (or best depending on the size of your set) just go out back and hit a few golf balls with a baseball bat into the distance. If you are in a residential neighbor hood, try to avoid the immediate neighbors at least and hit the houses further down the block. As long as you yell “four” first its all good.

4. XBOX or PS3
It wouldn’t be guy day without getting on the sticks and showing off how much free time you have to your closest friends. Essentials are sports games like Madden that will keep everyone interested. Try having a madden tournament, each player gets two teams. Make brackets and put in a 5 spot each for the champion, winner take all. Fighting games also work for this set up. Try to refrain from any games that are too hard for beginners to play, war games or Grand theft auto type games, there mostly only fun for the person playing.

5. Toilet paper
I know what you’re thinking, “c’mon give me something cooler than toilet paper”. But keep in mind; I wouldn’t put it here if it weren’t absolutely essential. I’d plan on at least an 8 pack, that way you’ll have more than enough to tepee your asshole neighbors car later. But think about it 5 dudes eating fried food, for 6 hours and drinking beer…. See what I mean. Someone is going to drop one hell of a deuce and you should be prepared for this, unless you don’t like your girlfriends hand towels of course. In that case tepee the car before with everything you got!

Rick Griffith is a blogger and contributor to www.Buhnerbuzzcutz.blogspot.com. You can find him online at www.RickAGriffith.blogspot.com

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