Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Lifestyle Design can do for you

Before reading this post please read this quick explanation of why I am posting this and why it is important for you to know. This explanation is located at the bottom of this post

Lifestyle design, what do you want to do before you die?

Excerpt from The 4 hour work week by author Tim Ferriss

"This book will teach you the precise principals I have used to become the following:

 No holds-barred cage fighter, vanquisher of four world champions
 First American in history to hold a Guinness world record in Tango
 Princeton University guest lecturer in entrepreneurship
 Applied linguist in Japanese, Chinese, German and Spanish
 Glycemic Index researcher
 National Chinese kickboxing champion
 MTV break-dancer in Taiwan
 Athletic advisor to over 30 world record holders
 Actor on hit TV series in China and Hong Kong
 TV host in Thailand and China
 Political asylum researcher and activist
 Shark diver
 Motorcycle racer"

Ok so after thinking about it I decided to make this post not only on my personal blog, ( but on I have done this because I think the message is important for everyone and I think everyone can take a lot out of learning the principals of lifestyle design.

Why I’m writing this? -
So anyways, I have been reading “The Four Hour Work Week” by New York Times best selling author Tim Ferriss as well as following his blog here 4HWW Blog for about 6 months. I’m currently reading it for the third time and breaking it down into my own life and how I can design my own lifestyle. Please don’t be thrown off by the title I’m not recommending your work 4 hours a week by any means, the author is simply explaining how he went from 80 hour work weeks to 4 hour work weeks and increased his income.

Why am I telling you this?-
Let me start by saying I am not a fan of the self-help genre in general and think that anyone with half a brain can write a self help book. I have read a lot of books as I aspire to be a writer one day and know that many business and self help books are so repetitive that it is hard to learn much new by reading new books in the genre. So I believe it was by some divine intervention that I picked up this book sitting in the business section at Barnes and Noble and labeled as a self help book. It was even more of a miracle to me that from the moment I picked it up I’ve been hooked. This is not a self help book in my mind. It is something that should be taught to everyone, especially those caught up in working 60 hour weeks just to make it by.

So please enjoy and cherish this information,I really believe that there is a lot of truth in this book that can go a long way in changing your life if you let it. I don’t plug every book I read; I rarely enjoy a book enough to finish it in fact. However if you can find a way to use this information to your advantage and in the process see that there is more to life than a cubicle, unhappiness and a few hours with your loved ones each week, then I feel like I have done my job.

If you have ever thought about packing your bags on a whim and buying a one way ticket to Europe or any far away dream destination, this book is for you. Please check out Tim’s blog at and read some posts, see if you get hooked like I did. Also check out his YouTube videos.

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